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New Sensations/Digital Sin urges talent to be vigilant of casting scams.

New Sensations/Digital Sin will NEVER solicit talent for money and/or personal information/paperwork via email, text, phone, etc.

New Sensations/Digital Sin will NEVER solicit money for any sort of background check or processing.

New Sensations/Digital Sin ONLY works directly with licensed and bonded modeling agencies who know what the process in order to work as a model with New Sensations/Digital Sin .

New Sensations/Digital Sin NEVER uses any sort of “Craigslist” or “back page” type of classified ads in order to recruit models.

Someone using the email address “” is soliciting industry talent, asking for personal information and fees. The email includes bogus release forms with NSDS letterhead and W-9 tax form.


Why cannot I log in?

A variety of reasons can be the cause of a login not to work. If the membership was cancelled, collection of funds for the next membership period was denied due to insufficient funds or expired credit cards will cause log in issues. Simply entering the log in information incorrectly can be the issue. Make sure you are copying the username & password exactly. These are case sensitive and that a capital “A” is different than a lower case “a”. Also make sure that you don’t have any extra spaces before or after the username or password.

Why is my username blocked? Why am I being sent to NS Support?

A few reasons can be attributed to why the username is being blocked. Many times it is as simple as 5 failed attempts to log in will block the username. This block lasts about an hour, or you can submit a ticket and we can clear it for you. Other reasons can stem from a hacker trying to gain access to your membership. Many hackers use “bots” to try random combinations of letters and numbers to find an active membership. Once one is found the “bot” works on the password. After 5 failed attempts the username is blocked. This is a security system set up so hackers cannot use your paid membership. We recommend creating usernames that are more unique with a mixture of capitalized letters and numbers. If the username continues to be blocked, we will recommend changing the username and we can assist in charging it.

Are hackers able to gain access to my personal information?

NO . Hackers are only trying to figure out the username and password to the Members area so that they can share that information with other hackers and steal your membership to the site and gain access to the videos and pictures. No personal information is at risk.

How do I change my password?

We recommend creating a unique Username & Password. Variations with Upper case and lower case letters, along with numbers and/or symbols are the most secure. You can change your password by clicking this link:

Usernames need to be changed by the website admin. Submit a ticket at

How do I cancel?

You can submit a ticket and we will cancel for you by visiting:

Or you can visit:

How can I tell which company is my billing company?

The majority of our sales go thru FXBilling / CSHelpCenter and that is what will appear on your billing statement.

Other top billing processors include:



WTS (Online Check)

The list can be found by visiting:

If you have any questions or need assistance, please let us know:

Why are there other charges on my statement?

When you signed up to the site an offer was clearly made to for a trial at the cost of 2.95. If that trial runs its course, and is not cancelled before that period ends, it rolls into their monthly program of 39.95. is a separate company/website. Transactions for are handled by their customer service department and not ours. They are very helpful as this was part of the deal that was made for them to offer this to our members. That is was clearly stated and that if a member requests a refund that they handle it properly.

They can be reached at

My membership expired, can you simply reactivate it?

No. For your security, we have zero access to your credit card information. The billing company handles all of the private information securely. We cannot EVER charge you something that you have not agreed to. We will NEVER ask for your full credit card number and we ask that you NEVER supply it to us in any ticket or email. We may ask for the type of card (Visa/MC) and the last 4 digits to verify an account.

I need to update my credit card information/expiration.

Since we do not have access to your credit card information we cannot update the information. You will need to contact the billing processor and they can update this information for you. You can view the list of processors here:

If you need help knowing which billing processor to contact, please contact us.

Does my membership automatically rebill?

Yes. Depending on your membership all memberships will rebill according to your membership until cancelled. If you decide to cancel we recommend cancelling at least 24/48 hours prior to the last day of a cycle. Cancelling on the same day of a rebill runs the risk of the auto-rebilling taking effect.

Trials – After trial ends rolled into the monthly membership rate

Monthly – Rebill every month until cancelled

90 Day – Rebill every 90 days until cancelled

180 Day – Rebills every 180 days until cancelled

Yearly – Rebills yearly until cancelled

If I cancel early do I still have access for the time paid for?

Yes. If you cancel at any time during the current period you will have access until the end of that cycle.

Are trial memberships restricted?

Trial memberships have limited access and will upgrade automatically to $39.95 until cancelled.

I used a Gift Card for my membership:

What are the rules and how does this work?

Paygarden has a FAQ section that will answer many of the questions for you. You can view these by visiting Paygarden - FAQ

Will this membership auto-renew?

No. Since funds cannot be added to an already used gift card, the membership will run for the specific amount of time specified agreed upon when signing up.

Can I get a refund?

No. Again once when a gift card is turned in for a membership this is the terms of that transaction.

I am having a problem with my Gift Card.

Please contact Paygarden for all issue with the transaction.

I am an existing member but having issues with my log in.

You can contact by submitting a ticket with us at Help Desk.

Downloading Video

Depending on the browser you are using, and the settings within that browser, can affect how the video is downloaded. Usually you can simply click on the video format/quality you desire and a window pops up asking you where you would like to save this file to. Some browsers like FireFox starts the download automatically and places the video in either the browser default folder or the one you chose as the default folder. Other browsers you may have to right click on the selected video format/quality and “Save As”. A good way of knowing if the video is downloading is with most browsers you will see a progress tab at the bottom of the browser letting you know the percentage and time of how long it will take to download the video.

Downloads are slow

A variety of causes can be the reason for downloads to slow down. An outage anywhere between the server you are connected to and your home. Multiple connections within the home (Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Xbox/PS/Gaming Console) along with the membership site all running at one time will degrade your connection speed and streaming/downloading will be effected.

Some solutions are checking the various other connections that are streaming/downloading at the same time. We also recommend many times to simply reboot the computer/router/modem. As we as a society continue to stay online 24/7 your internet “pipeline” gets clogged. Like an artery, bits and internet “junk” makes an open pipeline slowly get clogged. Simply restarting the computer/router/modem clears the pipeline and many times helps the connection for your entire internet surfing experience. If you continue to experience slow speeds, please contact us.

Which video format is the best?

Currently the MP41920 is the highest quality at 1920x1080 dimension and 4000Kbps

We recommend the MP4 files as they are the most universal format for all media players. We do like the VLC Media Player as the video player because of the variety of formats VLC can play..

Why do some videos not have all the video options to choose from?

Older content is in the process of being re-encoded into more video formats and in better quality. This is a very long and tedious process as many older titles were simply not shot in what we consider High Definition of today’s standards. We are working on having the best quality we can offer. If there is a particular scene you are interested in, let us know as we do at times move around scheduled upgrades for our members.

What about older scenes and missing scenes/titles?

We are currently working on upgrading all the scenes to better quality and more video formats. We are also looking at missing scenes as well. Unfortunately, some scenes will not be upgraded due to a variety of reasons. If there is a scene you are interested in, let us know, we do work with our members.

Why do I see movies in the Trailers section not on the site?

The Trailers section is a representation of all New Sensations & Digital Sin titles as well as other studios that New Sensations & Digitals Sin distributes DVDs for to adult bookstores and other DVD outlets. The membership site only shows New Sensations & Digital Sin titles. Titles that are compilations (2-disc, 5hr, etc..) are on DVD only. The scenes for these compilations are compiled from New Sensations & Digital Sin titles that are on the site from the original movie. does not have the broadcast/internet licensing rights to the other studios.

How Do I Become A New Sensations Model?

All our models are represented by a licensed and bonded modeling agency. If you are associated with a modeling agency have your agent contact us directly.

Can I Submit My Pictures?

If you send pictures and information to they will be passed onto the proper department and if interested you will be contacted and referred to a licensed and bonded modeling agency.

I Am Being Asked To Send Money For Processing.

New Sensations will NEVER ask you for money for any sort of background check or processing. We only work directly with the licensed and bonded modeling agencies who know what the process is in order to work as a model with New Sensations.

New Sensations never uses any sort of “Craigslist” or “back page” type of classified ads in order to recruit models.

If you have any other questions please contact us at