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Chad White

Avg Rating: 4.5

About Chad White:

Vital Stats:
Height:  6 feet (183cm)
Birthday:  Unknown
Astrological Sign:  Unknown

Fun Stuff:

Updates Featuring Chad White

Tiny little step sister Paisley went for her plan, first reach over Chad and rub knee over his cock, then grab phone, run to room and start masturbating with the door open. Plan went perfect as Chad stands outside the door watching her. Before Chad can finish his call Paisley is back, hoping he got the hint and is ready to fuck!
Released: 06/11/2018
31 Pics, 37 Mins

New to the neighborhood, Chad has had the chance of meeting Sara, who highly suggested he go and introduce himself to Mercedes. She insisted Chad come inside and have a look for himself under her dress as the morning became a hot fuck session.
Released: 06/08/2018
31 Pics, 39 Mins

Sweet young cutie and personal assistant to Chad, Athena Faris has been trying to get his cocks attention and finally caught him staring at her tits while scouting a new film location. Chad deflects by saying he saw a bug but Athena assures him it's all good. With that Chad spreads her legs and tastes all her hot young pussy juices before fucking her good.
Released: 06/04/2018
27 Pics, 31 Mins

Super cute schoolgirl Summer sneaks into Mr. White's home after school to surprise him. Chad being stunned worried about his wife coming home. Summer pinky swears to hop out the window if she shows up and needed his hard cock deep inside as she could not stop thinking of her teacher.
Released: 05/25/2018
33 Pics, 39 Mins

Adorable Britney has arrived at her online chat buddy's house and Chad is taken by her beauty. He quickly goes over some plans of grabbing some dinner and a few drinks but, Britney confesses, she lied and is only nineteen. Chad being quick on his feet suggest better plans and that's fulfilling their online fantasies. Young Britney barely handles his fat cock and gets her tight pussy a little stretched.
Released: 05/05/2018
33 Pics, 32 Mins

Chad is a little taken back when he finds his babysitter Carolina in the house by herself. But he quickly takes advantage of the time to talk to her about full time work and slowly gets her young fresh body nude and not only stretches her out, but crosses way over her tight line.
Released: 04/11/2018
30 Pics, 36 Mins

Poor little schoolgirl Jenna has finally found someone to fulfill her deep harder faster cravings. Luckily for vice principle Mr. White, his cock was the perfect fit to take Jenna beyond her online fantasies!
Released: 03/14/2018
31 Pics, 27 Mins

Young little Khloe is looking real good for her Sir Chad as he bathes her and dressed her up as his cute little girl. Now that it is time to play Chad takes her outside sliding her panties down and licking her sweet tight pussy. But back inside is where Khloe gets the full meat balls deep.
Released: 03/10/2018
34 Pics, 39 Mins

Chad had a quick chat with Andi's husband discussing a secret gift. Andi loves surprises and began to beg and plead to know what it is and will do anything to get it out of him. Chad explains he has all week to fill her up with as much as his cock can unload.
Starring: Andi Rye, Chad White
Released: 03/05/2018
36 Pics, 34 Mins

Chad follows his bosses orders and goes to his house to pick up a package. When Skylar answered the door in some sexy lingerie Chad is taken back and uneasy. She quickly invites him to come inside realizing she is the package as Skylar explains the boss expects him to deliver deep and hard.
Released: 12/08/2017
56 Pics, 29 Mins

Aubrey relives her after school special fuck with her professor Mr. White. She was not trying to get the grade or get on the team but wanted his cock for no other reason than the love of fucking. She loved his control and being his little school girl plaything, especially his hot cum.
Released: 12/02/2017
32 Pics, 30 Mins

Young cutie Lexi and Chad out on a date exploring shops came across a picture and Lexi thought that cock was huge. Chad gets her curiosity going when he proclaims his is much bigger. Lexi quickly gets him back home to see it first hand and then Chad takes over, deflowering her tight young pussy.
Released: 11/25/2017
24 Pics, 26 Mins

When Giselle begins to pleasure herself Chad see's how far she is willing to please him again and again. As Giselle gets hotter and wetter it escalates quickly into a full intense bondage and toy session.
Released: 11/08/2017
61 Pics, 42 Mins

In the heat of the moment with Chad, schoolgirl Kristen gets second thoughts and feels bad still being with her other boyfriend. But she remembers why Chad is there and that is to fuck her hard. So Kristen instructs him to take her to her parents room and throw her around with his big cock deep inside her.
Released: 11/04/2017
56 Pics, 34 Mins

Chad was getting beyond fed up with his step mom Lauren's constant demands of things to do for her. When he finally said "no" Lauren asked what she could do for him. Wanting to see her big tits shocked her for a second and then obliged and in the end still command him how to suck her breast and fuck her hot pussy.
Released: 10/11/2017
59 Pics, 32 Mins

Sweet and juicy Daisy shakes that phat ass to make sure cocks are hard and ready to plow thru her cheeks. Without much time sucking on that cock Chad is ready to spread them wide and go balls deep inside her extra tight pussy. Daisy needing it hard for her huge ass also gets rewarded a huge load in return.
Released: 09/18/2017
55 Pics, 22 Mins

Overly worked up Kleio Valentien is ready to let loose all her pussy juices for some hot hard cock. Every touch to her pink flower has her gushing gallons for her meat toy to gush along with her.
Released: 08/11/2017
66 Pics, 23 Mins

Cute little Katya was more than happy to help Chad with some school work and thanks to the storm outside she had him all to herself. Having a longtime crush on Chad she just wish she wasn't so shy to make a move. Lucky for her he made the first move slipped his big cock into her tiny hole and exploded his own storm on her chest.
Released: 07/14/2017
62 Pics, 37 Mins

After step brother Chad caught a glimpse of Katy's huge tits in the shower, he confessed feeling embarrassed. She happily let him know that he likes what he saw and just ask and he would receive anything he wanted. But as soon as she pulled out her huge tits and pressed his face into them, it was hard fucking from then until a massive brotherly load across her face.
Released: 03/03/2017
72 Pics, 33 Mins

Hot teen Ally was invited over to the house for something, only to find out Chad did the inviting, to get some good hot tightness while no one was home. After Ally was finally convinced to get down and dirty Chad went deep with his swollen meat for an afternoon face full of creamy delight.
Starring: Ally Tate, Chad White
Released: 02/18/2017
72 Pics, 33 Mins

Busty step mom Amber asks Chad why he is picking those flowers for his date, if they have no scent and suggest her perfect roses in the front yard, especially her tight pink flower in her special garden. After Amber lets Chad know that his young girl date will not know what to do with a body like his. She drowns him with her juicy tits and tight pussy to show what he really needs from a woman.
Released: 01/21/2017
67 Pics, 33 Mins

Young Bailey decides after a little masturbation to show her sweet goods thru the window to her dads associate and friend. Very quickly Chad is at the door a bit surprised and reluctant until she said the magic words "do you want to come in and fuck me". Tits the season for giving and receiving!
Released: 12/25/2016
90 Pics, 34 Mins

A quick debate about cock size and girls problems get Stevie wanting to see Chad's cock. With her brother upstairs she gets his meat deep inside her mouth and the real challenge was getting him inside her tight pink hole for a full hot blast of cum.
Released: 12/16/2016
63 Pics, 27 Mins

For Alice it all started with a pucker from her tight end and a finger to lighten her fire. Chad gets a few dips inside her hot pink pussy and super tight as before filling her mouth with solid meat. Alice could not bare anymore teasing and needed her end filled too balls deep and covered with hot goo.
Released: 12/02/2016
74 Pics, 27 Mins

Super hot Step mother Kendra Lust has decided to give Chad what he's been taking pics of, while spying on her. Little did Kendra know, how much she would get off on banging her step son.
Released: 11/28/2016
97 Pics, 29 Mins

Chad just could not stop thinking of his cute neighbor Scarlett. To his delightful surprise she rings his door to let him know about her party. After encouraging her to have it at his house he finds himself kissing her and she responds with his dick in her mouth. Chad finally gets to give it hard and deep to his fantasy girl next door.
Released: 11/24/2016
76 Pics, 32 Mins

Chad comes back home pre-birthday party for his step sister Lily to offer his gift for her. In her room she opens to find the white lingerie she has been wanting. Chad encourages her to wear them knowing he will be the only one wearing them and the only one peeling them off for some family hot pre party fucking.
Released: 11/23/2016
79 Pics, 34 Mins

After Chad gets a peak of his step sister Audrey enjoying some personal time, he lets her know that it is not weird. A quick apology lets her confess of her crush as well and leads Chad to pulling her panties down and tasting her tight pussy. Audrey had no problem sucking all his inches for an extra swollen cock to fuck and she savors every last drop of his cum.
Released: 11/11/2016
82 Pics, 36 Mins

After Chad does a bit of consoling to his teen cute girlfriend Cece. He is ready and willing to prove to her he can be much more sexually rough and slam her with his hard aggressive cock. Cece proudly chokes on his thick member before taking it all in with a few complimentary smacks on her cute ass and all his ounces on her tongue and tits.
Released: 11/04/2016
74 Pics, 33 Mins

Aurora Belle finds herself being unleashed from the holding room and bound to a pole for extreme sexual positions and relentless internal satisfaction.
Released: 10/19/2016
75 Pics, 31 Mins

When Kimmy's man comes home from Japan, he has a special outfit for his little girl to wear to fulfill his fantasy. Dressed up as a sweet innocent girl makes him just want to fuck her even harder. Not to disappoint Kimmy succumbs to his every desire. She is his good little girl!
Released: 10/06/2016
77 Pics, 41 Mins

Luna Star could not stop from spraying out ounces of her sweet nectar, Chad had to jump in and try to plug her pink showers with his swollen cock. No Matter how deep he went Luna kept up like Niagara Falls until he just unloaded his juices down her throat.
Starring: Chad White, Luna Star
Released: 08/22/2016
86 Pics, 27 Mins

Step siblings April and Chad have finally gone head to head with their sexual frustration. April just had to show her step brother how her pussy gets wet, with her toy and Chad had to teach her how a mans cock loves to fuck. April took every inch at every angle until Chad blew massive eruptions across her body.
Released: 07/01/2016
82 Pics, 32 Mins

My enslaved sexual teen slut Blair eagerly awaited my command while her pussy dripped in her sexy lingerie in the cage. With my permission I fed her my swollen inches into her mouth before tying her ass up and burying my cock deep between her sweet butt cheeks and into her tight young pussy. Like a good girl she let me empty all my cum inside her.
Released: 05/20/2016
73 Pics, 48 Mins

Beautiful and busty Hotwife Natasha sure looked good and had my cock throbbing. When she let those juicy tits out I had to wrap my mouth around them. She sat her delicate hole on top of my meat and her tight pussy took me balls deep, for a good fuck session and made sure I emptied every ounce of cum deep inside her.
Released: 05/10/2016
68 Pics, 25 Mins

When my step sister Shane pulled her shorts down and stuck my fingers inside her tight pussy, I almost exploded in my pants! She went to her knees and sucked my cock good, so I could slide my swollen meat inside her super young and tight pussy. Her juicy ass was looking good as I bent her over the table and fucked her deep. Shane rode my dick so fast and hard I erupted all my cum inside her hot teen puss.
Released: 04/23/2016
77 Pics, 29 Mins

My huge cock was throbbing for hotwife Veronica when she walked in and her huge tits were hanging out. She bent over and sucked on my meat very well and put that sweet ass up for my cock to fill her up. She gasped as every inch slid inside and let pound away beforr shooting cum covering her entire body.
Released: 04/20/2016
91 Pics, 34 Mins

Cute little Joseline was ready for some cock and I had this teen choking on my inches and sucking on my balls before I could dip my stick into her hot tight pussy. She was perfectly petite for me to have my way with her, fucking that young body to my satisfaction and dropping loads on her face, tits and in her cum hungry mouth.
Released: 04/01/2016
72 Pics, 37 Mins

Petite and cute blond Bella peeled off her soaked panties so I could get a taste of her sweet teen pussy. She bent that ass over and took every hard inch of cock I had to give. Bella was so adorable, I fucked hard and deep and shot so much cum across her ass, back and face, I nearly passed out.
Released: 03/26/2016
75 Pics, 36 Mins

It was enough flirting from my step sister Kylie, my dick was hard and she was looking good. Kylie whipped my cock out and sucked it like crazy before she hopped on and rode me. Her tiny body let me pull her in balls deep as I dug in and unloaded all my juice inside her.
Released: 03/25/2016
66 Pics, 29 Mins

My cute teen neighbor Kimmy, showed up at my door looking adorable and needed my cock as hard and as naughty as she was feeling. Her young cute body had me swollen and I got down and dirty eating up her pussy juices before slamming her tight hole balls deep. Kimmy begged for my cock harder and faster until I exploded loads of cum across her cute face.
Released: 03/05/2016
58 Pics, 28 Mins

I had enough of the cock teasing coming from teen schoolgirl Joseline. I had to lift up that skirt and squeeze me some fresh young tits and sweet cheeks while my cock grew longer and harder for some teen puss. My blood filled my pole as I bent her tiny body over the couch and fucked her tight pussy hard and deep, slapping my balls on her butt. She needed my dick fast and hard as she rode me until I shot loads of cum up to her pussy and belly.
Released: 03/01/2016
78 Pics, 38 Mins

We could not wait to wake up our tiny petite teen Latina angel Kira for her extra tight pussy. Her juices were flowing as I licked up every drop off her very pink puss, before watching her choke down every inch of my hard swollen cock. Her body is so tiny and light I could bend her over any way I want and have her hop on my meat pounding balls deep. I usually don't last this long in her and I always explode massive pounds of cum across her sweet cheeks.
Released: 02/12/2016
68 Pics, 38 Mins

I had a nice Lesbian surprise for my hot wife Rachael and blindfolding her only made her more wet. She quickly ran her fingers inside her friend Nikki and my cock grew long and hard too. Watching both of their mouths suck on my meat had my balls swelling full of cum. I did my best sliding my cock into both tight pussy holes but I erupted a volcanic eruption of cum and they both shared it like best friends.
Released: 02/06/2016
86 Pics, 31 Mins

Oh all the things I love about my Hotwife Olivia Austin. First of all when I have her huge tits in my mouth and a few fingers deep inside her hot pussy, my cock always gets rock hard. I love watching her hot and juicy lips wrap around my meat for shes even more beautiful with a mouthful of my cock. But, nothing beats when she bends over and puts her fine juicy ass in the air, I can fuck that hole night and day as she begs for my eruption of hot cum all over her tits and mouth.
Released: 01/26/2016
86 Pics, 37 Mins

Overly flirty teen Megan was ripe and wetter than ever for some hard rough sex. She loved choking on my meat as she struggled to swallow all my inches. Her tiny teen pussy was so soaked my balls were ready to slip inside her too, as I banged the hell out of that young pink hole. Megan could not squeeze in enough of my cock as she rode so hard until I shot all my gallons of hot cum all over her freshly fucked teen pussy.
Released: 01/23/2016
82 Pics, 28 Mins

Hot Teen Anastasia Rose talked herself into getting some hard huge man cock. She eagerly bent over on the bed and tried to swallow as much meat as she could before choking. I spread her young pussy wide and fucked her like an animal making sure I would give her the best fuck of her life. My cock was so happy going balls deep inside her hot teen pussy I exploded all over her tits, face and hair!
Released: 01/15/2016
69 Pics, 30 Mins

Determined to help classmate, Elsa, lose her virginity, Jenna asks her sexually experienced stepbrother, Chad, for assistance. Once the vibrator touched Elsa's hot tight virgin pussy, she was more than ready for Chad's throbbing boner. As soon as Jenna wrapped her mouth around his cock it was three way fucking time until Chad shot so much cum it covered her teen pussy, belly and tits. Of course Chad had to give Elsa one more go against the wall.
Starring: Chad White, Elsa Jean
Released: 12/23/2015
95 Pics, 39 Mins

Chad’s secret obsession with watching his stepsister, Zoe, masturbate takes a seductive turn when she asks him to have a hand in pleasing her in the bathroom with both his meaty cock and her vibrating toys deep inside her hot wet pussy.
Starring: Chad White, Zoe Wood
Released: 10/24/2015
63 Pics, 33 Mins

After Alison’s husband stands her up on their fifth anniversary, her handsome stepson, Chad, swoops in to save the day.
Released: 10/02/2015
56 Pics, 32 Mins

When her irresistible landscaper corners her one summer afternoon, Bianca finds herself in a losing battle with temptation.
Released: 07/28/2015
67 Pics, 28 Mins

Jessica made sure we could smell our cute step sisters cock craving pussy down the hall, so we knew the only thing to do was tear open her young tight pussy with our brotherly hard cock and shower her with hot cum.
Released: 07/24/2015
50 Pics, 30 Mins

Filmed right at home, Skye West gets fucked hard by another man, as her boyfriend records every minute of it.
Starring: Chad White, Skye West
Released: 06/24/2015
72 Pics, 38 Mins

Sydney Cole abandons her innocence for a moment of passion, lust and taboo sex.
Released: 06/19/2015
97 Pics, 46 Mins

After sizing us up Paris knew she needed to peel off her soaked white panties and show us the goods while we cleaned the pool. Before you knew it we had our cock deep inside her hot young mouth and our balls on her chin. Her tight pussy was so tight and wet we fucked her hard before exploding cum all over her pussy tits and cute face.
Released: 05/29/2015
75 Pics, 30 Mins

Aroused by the possibility of an open marriage Lindsay shares this news with Patrick, who eventually agrees to give it a shot. But when he is slow to take the initiative with Gillian, the two girlfriends surprise him with an afternoon of explosive sex.
Released: 05/27/2015
53 Pics, 28 Mins

After Gillian discovers that her best friend, Lindsay, isn’t as uptight as she expected, she reveals a provocative secret. Gillian and her husband, Joe, are swingers and they’re eager to invite Lindsay and her husband, Patrick, into their fold. Aroused by the possibility of an open marriage Lindsay shares this news with Patrick, who eventually agrees to give it a shot. But when he is slow to take the initiative with Gillian, the two girlfriends surprise him with an afternoon of explosive sex. Caroline and Tyler enjoy a very emotionally and physically satisfying marriage, but that doesn’t prevent their insatiable curiosity from creeping in from time to time. Fascinated by the dynamics of the swinger lifestyle, the two set their sights on close friends and swingers, Jenny and Max. But after a failed attempt at seduction, Tyler and Caroline are worried they might not have the game it takes to succeed in the lifestyle.
Released: 05/25/2015
287 Pics, 132 Mins

A quick visit to the office, led us to tasting school girl Alison Rey's sweet hot teen pussy, before we peeled her panties off her nice young round ass. She bent over the desk and needed every inch of meat inside her tight pink pussy before asking for every ounce of cum all over her cute face.
Released: 05/09/2015
76 Pics, 35 Mins

Ava catches her employee off guard when the private meeting she requested isn’t to fire him, but to instead proposition him for sex.
Released: 05/06/2015
78 Pics, 30 Mins

While getting some approval on her hall pass, AJ already had a face buried deep inside her wet pussy. Not long after her juicy ass was in the air getting hard inches pounded into her and tons of ounces of cum pouring into her married mouth.
Released: 05/01/2015
80 Pics, 39 Mins

With tits like that how could Keisha keep them to just her boyfriend. She blessed our cock with those melons out and our cock was rock hard. We fucked so crazy before we knew it we were balls deep inside her tight hot ass. Keisha loved the anal pounding and had us cover her cheeks with cum.
Released: 04/25/2015
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We knew she wanted cock but after watching her sweet ass in panties, we were gonna tap super cute Chanell today! She opened wide right away and sucked our meat as her young pussy was soaking and ready for dick. Chanell took every inch of white meat and all the sauce across her juicy ass.
Released: 04/03/2015
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Jillian Janson is our super hot schoolgirl dream girl. She is giving us a firsthand view in what it's like to see her hot mouth wrap around our cock or watch her tight young pussy as we bury our meat in balls deep. Enjoy fucking this hot school slut and shoot ropes of cum across her tits.
Released: 04/01/2015
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After spying on our slutty step mom's huge tits, while she changes clothes, we finally got confronted by Maci and she demanded we slide our bulging cock thru them. She deep throated our meat and sat her big ass on top fucking us good until we dropped loads of cum all over her juicy melons.
Released: 03/27/2015
56 Pics, 31 Mins

A illicit affair between groom, Chad and his future mother-in-law reaches a breaking point when things get hot and heavy just hours before the wedding.
Released: 03/24/2015
75 Pics, 27 Mins

Hot and tangy Asian delight is on the menu today and Miko Dai has her tight pink pussy on buffet. As she presented her seductively dressed in black lingerie tight body we feasted, fucked and unloaded all our cum deep inside her hot wet married pussy.
Starring: Chad White, Miko Dai
Released: 03/24/2015
92 Pics, 33 Mins

After waiting all day to be left alone with our huge juicy melon step sister Mary Jane, she was already working her hot pussy up waiting for our throbbing cock. We feasted with her big tits and fucked that tight hole until we exploded all over her heavenly chest.
Released: 03/14/2015
71 Pics, 29 Mins

Working out becomes the ultimate foreplay after a couple enjoys a steamy encounter at the gym.
Released: 03/10/2015
93 Pics, 27 Mins

When work and responsibility begin to pull a young couple apart, good old fashion love letters serve as the perfect remedy for their dry spell. After dedicating one day a week to satisfying one another, a husband and wife discover that sometimes the hottest sex is the kind you actually planned for. An inhibited woman transforms into an insatiable sex goddess when she allows her husband to photograph erotic nudes of her. Working out becomes the ultimate foreplay after a couple enjoys a steamy encounter at the gym.
Starring: Chad White, Jade Nile
Released: 03/02/2015
389 Pics, 116 Mins

Dahlia Sky just needs the cock. So we let her slut herself up as we watch some hard cock fuck her and cum all inside her mouth.
Released: 02/17/2015
106 Pics, 40 Mins

It only took one look at schoolgirl teen Josie Jagger's huge juicy natural tits to get our cock to wake up. She loved every inch of our meat down her throat and especially when it was buried deep inside her tight teen pussy. She kept her legs spread wide making sure she got every inch of cock and every ounce of cum on her face and in her mouth.
Released: 02/04/2015
89 Pics, 34 Mins

Ryan discovers that watching his wife Cherie become sexually unhinged in the hands of a man she cannot see is the ultimate foreplay.
Released: 01/28/2015
89 Pics, 32 Mins

Finally we could dig into our Latina cousin Taylor Reed's sweet juicy ass cheeks. She peeled off those soaked blue tights and stuffed our cock balls deep into her tight teen pussy. We fucked her young hole with all our might and covered in our cum from head to toe.
Released: 01/28/2015
79 Pics, 32 Mins

Willow's secret obsession with her stepbrother, Chad, comes to a head when he asks her to help him study for a class he's failing.
Released: 01/23/2015
78 Pics, 34 Mins

A couple with a secret obsession for BDSM sex indulge in a night of full sensory deprivation.
Released: 01/14/2015
109 Pics, 29 Mins

We didn't expect to be balls deep inside our step daughter Rahyndee James, when we walked in on her rubbing her tight juicy pussy. But, we all get to get our point of view as we buried our cock into her tiny hot hole for a massive explosion all over her hands.
Released: 01/02/2015
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Damn we knew 2015 was gonna be a great year it started off with a Hot tight teen bang! Our hot step sister cheerleader Jillian Janson finally is ready to give her sweet teen present that's hidden behind her white soaked panties that we peeled off to lick up her sweet pussy juices thru her juicy ass. Our cock was never so nervous, sliding into her tight hot hole as we fucked, all her juices kept pouring over our meat until we exploded all that cum onto her face and hungry mouth.
Released: 01/01/2015
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After some phone sex pussy rubbing Kasey Warner had to pull her soaked panties and finger her hot hairy pussy until her favorite cock walked in. Our cock could not wait to penetrate that tight hot box and cover it hot jizz too.
Released: 12/17/2014
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When we walked in on our step sister Rahyndee James filling her wet pussy with her pink vibrator, we didn't expect it to turn into our hard cock plowing thru her hot tight pussy. Rahyndee was so cock hungry she wanted to gag all day on it but needed our hard stiff inches to split her pink hole apart and cum across her chest.
Released: 12/06/2014
104 Pics, 33 Mins

Kristin's (Karla Kush) forbidden attraction to her husband's best friend reaches a breaking point when he arranges a private get-together for the two of them.
Released: 12/03/2014
96 Pics, 39 Mins

Our cocks been throbbing for our step sister Julie Kay, especially her huge juicy tits that seem to always give us a tease. Julie had them out waiting for us to wrap our mouth around her tits before she stuffed her hot mouth with our meat. She spread wide on the counter and we dug in hard with our balls slapping her pussy as we dined on her nice melons until she sucked out our huge load of cum and spread it all over her tits.
Starring: Chad White, Julie Kay
Released: 11/28/2014
86 Pics, 38 Mins

Our step sister Jade Nile has been wanting to show us her young pink schoolgirl pussy for a while and finally we saw her wet lips thru her soaked white panties. We licked up some of her sweet pussy juice and slipped our cock into her cock hungry mouth before Jade could sit her tight slit over the bone. Jade fucked our rock hard meat for some ounces of our creamy protein shake.
Starring: Chad White, Jade Nile
Released: 11/25/2014
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At the blink of an eye our step sister Cosima Knight had her mouth wrapped around our cock and got a little shy again. Too late for that we tasted her sweet pussy juice and started fucking her hot tight young pussy good. Her wet pussy had us sliding in and out rapidly until we exploded our whole load inside her pink love hole.
Released: 11/15/2014
64 Pics, 27 Mins

Aurora's (Cassidy Klein) hidden attraction for her step brother (Chad White) reaches a breaking point when he sets out to beat up the guys harassing her at school.
Released: 10/31/2014
66 Pics, 31 Mins

Knowing how much it pleases her husband about her sexual exploits, Siri sets her sights on a prospective sales client that swings by to look at a house she's selling.
Starring: Chad White, Siri
Released: 09/30/2014
75 Pics, 30 Mins

It's about time we walked into our step sisters room Alexia Gold and caught her fingers deep inside her cute little teen pussy. She was so worked up she didn't care that we were step bro and sis, actually that made her wetter and our cock harder. Licking up her sweet pussy juice and Alexia swallowing our pole could of been enough but, we had the house to ourselves, so we fucked all day and covered that cute face full of cum.
Released: 09/30/2014
104 Pics, 35 Mins

During her Freshman year of college, Madison Presley(Carter Cruise) thought she'd met the love of her life when she starting dating handsome football player, Josh Rochette(Chad White). That is, until she found herself the butt of a giant fraternity joke that he had carefully orchestrated behind and on her back.
Released: 09/10/2014
89 Pics, 27 Mins

Football player Josh Rochette(Chad White) enjoys a morning romp with college girlfriend(Allie Haze), after she stands in front of the mirror measuring her young hot body He gets her on the bed and spreads her wide for for a hard cock and hot cum across her belly.
Released: 09/08/2014
70 Pics, 17 Mins

During her Freshman year of college, Madison Presley thought she'd met the love of her life when she starting dating handsome football player, Josh Rochette. That is, until she found herself the butt of a giant fraternity joke that he had carefully orchestrated behind her back. Devastated by his betrayal, Madison spends the next three years trying to move past her heartbreak with the help of her unfailingly loyal friend, Dean and wisecracking roommates, Olivia and Lucas. But, when Josh unexpectedly comes back into her life during her senior year - Madison's world is thrown into a tailspin. Although older, wiser, and far more jaded than when she'd first fallen for him, she's left wondering whether something truly wonderful can come out of giving people Second Chances.
Released: 09/02/2014
302 Pics, 133 Mins

A nude photography project explodes into a sexual affair when Chad asks his stepmother (Shay Fox) to pose naked for him.
Starring: Chad White, Shay Fox
Released: 05/15/2014
74 Pics, 32 Mins