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Loyal husband Eddie Jaye did not expect to find his teen babysitter Layla Jenner rubbing her fine little pussy on his couch when he got home. Distressed Eddie firmly asks her to stop it and not lure him into cheating on his wife with his babysitter. But irresistible cutie Layla simply takes her shirt off and as soon as Mr. Jaye laid eyes on her perky teen tits, he knew this was happening! Layla was not expecting for such a big dick to flop out of his pants and right into her mouth as she tried her best to suck it all the way down her throat. Mesmerized Eddie slowly slides in his thick black dick inside her hot tight pussy and slowly ramped up his pumping as Layla could barely handle such a huge black cock until Eddie had to blow an explosive load of BBC cream all over her pretty teen pussy! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

Teen Babysitter Layla Jenner Easily Changes His Mind

Avg Rating: 4.6

11/25/2023, 169 Photos, 30 min of video

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